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Stewardship Best Practices
A GSG Learning Program

Stewardship Best Practices is a three-course learning program presented in a blended e-learning platform. It provides accredited certifications for students, professionals, educators, or anyone who is interested in learning more about biotechnology stewardship in agriculture.

Course Curriculum 

Best Stewardship Practices - Fundamentals 

Best Stewardship Practices - Intermediate 

Best Stewardship Practices - Advanced 

Program Components:

Flexible Online Learning: Recognizing the diverse backgrounds and commitments of our participants, the program is delivered entirely online. This flexibility allows students, interns, and professionals to engage with the coursework at their own pace while balancing their academic and professional responsibilities.

Accredited Curriculum: The program boasts an accredited curriculum that covers a spectrum of topics essential for navigating the intersection of technology and sustainable agriculture. Once completed, participants will receive a unique ID number with a badge to promote on their resumes, LinkedIn profiles and other social media platforms.

Expert-Led Instruction: Our faculty comprises industry experts and university professors, ensuring that participants receive top-tier instruction and insights based on real-world experiences.

Interactive Learning Modules: Engaging and interactive learning modules, including case studies and collaborative projects, will equip participants with practical skills and knowledge to implement stewardship practices in their academic and professional journeys.

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