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Key Tenents

Key Tenets

  • Flexibility: The program provides flexibility for activities based on the organization’s assessment of its products, intended uses, potential markets, applicable regulatory requirements, and potential stakeholders and value chain members.


  •  Adaptability: The program is designed to integrate into and augment an organization’s existing systems and processes to support marketability and grower and consumer access to innovation and deliver quality products to the market based on widely accepted plant breeding practices.


  • Accessibility: The program will provide an opportunity for successful implementation to organizations of all sizes and scopes, including (but not limited to) multinationals, technology developers, licensees, start-ups, academics, or other public sector institutions.


  • Impact: The program will facilitate market acceptance and provide guidance on how to seek out and consider feedback from the value chain and other potential stakeholders.


  • Affordability: The program will provide access to technical resources for program implementation and the verification process at a reasonable cost to all participants.

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