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Advancing Best Practices in Agricultural Technology Stewardship

The Global Stewardship Group offers programs for management of agriculture technologies as well as stewardship education. Our programs are adaptable to fit your specific needs. Explore our programs below and contact us with any questions. 


A capacity-building program that gives organizations and countries developing products of agricultural biotechnology an understanding of stewardship and its importance.

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An educational program presented in a blended e-learning platform that provides accredited certifications for students, professionals, educators, or anyone who is interested in learning more about biotechnology stewardship in agriculture.

This program is focused on stewardship in the development and commercialization of products in the transgenic plant biotechnology industry across the plant product life cycle. 

This program is focused on organizations that utilize plant breeding innovations, such as genome editing, in research, development, handling, or manufacture of plant products. 

For some organizations, it may make sense to be a member of both the PBI Management and Excellence Through Stewardship programs. In those circumstances, the programs can be combined in a way that makes the most sense for your organization. For more information, contact the GSG staff.

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